X-CSL Package

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Please, read instructions for downloading and installation!

As it has been described on the home page - the aim of the project is organisation of centralised CSL-models package for each user. So for correct work of the package you should delete ALL files from \Resources\plugins\X-IvAp Resources\CSL folder of your simulator. If you are ONLY going to test our package - save a copy of current CSL folder somewhere aside.
Since 2018 
X-CSL-Package work with X-IvAp 0.4.* only!
For download oficiall version of X-IvAp for IVAO, check this page.

Quick start and how use.
1. Download zip-archive (dmg-image for MacOS) according of your OS.
2. Unpack folder from archive into any place.
3. To start the program:
 * for Windows-> Start X-CSL-Updater.exe in folder which you have unpacked from archive;
 * for Linux-> to start the executed file X-CSL-Updater in folder release (don't forget set permission to execute).
 * for Mac-> Run X-CSL-Updater.dmg to run installation. Drag and drop X-CSL-Updater icon to Applications icon. Run Updater from your application's folder.
4. In opened window press button "Browse" and specify X-Plane executable file (X-Plane.exe - for win32/64, X-Plane for Linux, X-Plane.app for MacOS), located in folder where your simulator is installed).
5. Press button "Index". During this moment will be executed is comparison of the CSL-models installed at your computer and existing on our server.
6. After indexation is completed, in the "Status" column opposite to each package it will be specified, whether the given package of updating demands or not.
7. For updating of packages select a line corresponding to it (for select more one of lines - keep Ctrl-key or Command for MacOS) and press button "Update".

*Linux specific: Some new linux distributives have not 32-bit versions of the Qt libraries, so you can't run the updater. To fix that issue, you can install the libraries manualy with a command like this: sudo apt-get install libqtgui4:i386. Note, the command may be different for specific linux distributive.

P.S. X-CSL-Package doesn't work in XSquawkBox 1.3.3 and above.

Download list:
  • X-CSL-Updater v.1.1.0 (Win32/64)
    Installer/Updater X-CSL-Package for Windows (32/64bit). (~6 Mb)
    Previous version beta has been downloaded 6602 times.

    Downloaded: 13535 times.

  • X-CSL-Updater v.1.1.0 (MacOS)
    Installer/Updater X-CSL-Package for MacOS (~9 MB)
    Previous version beta has been downloaded 1772 times.

    Downloaded: 2009 times.

  • X-CSL-Updater v.1.1.0 (Linux)
    Installer/Updater X-CSL-Package for Linux. (~400 kB)
    Previous version beta has been downloaded 906 times.

    Downloaded: 1294 times.