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08.11.2017 - Reworking of models for X-IvAp 0.4.*

As you probably know, the X-Air team together with our friend Bert Kokswijkvan, has released the X-IvAp 0.4.0 in IVAO. At current is available only Windows version, but soon you will be able to take version for other platforms. The main purpose of developing new X-IvAp was to support features of the obj8 format, such as animations, reflections and 3D lights. Also, was developed an important function of the correct position of models on the ground (clamping). You can forget about the terrible dark models in XP10-11, hanging above or half underground models. Step forward to a new kind of online models.
At this time users are forced to use third-party packs or try to create their own. While you started enjoying the new features and waiting for the release of X-IvAp 0.4.0 for MacOS and Linux, we have time to reworking of X-CSL library. We want to give you some news. In the future, you can expect step-by-step progress from us. We will try to releasing the first updated models by X-CSL-Updater as soon as possible when mac/lin builds are done. Some of them have already been completed. Our todo-list has a plan which models you will get ones of the first. This list was compiled, as before, according to the statistics of the popularity of the IVAO network. Is list  named as "big five" -):
 - A320 (CFM, IAE)
 - B733
 - B738
 - B77L
 - B77W
 - B744 (GE, PW, RR).

*update on 06.12.2017
 - A320w (sharklets)
 - B738w (winglets)
 - B744F
 - C172
 - C182
 - C208
 - DH8D
 and FollowMe Car

We have a separate list of models for aircraft with propellers. One model from this list are finished - Dash 8-Q400. This will be first props model. You will be able to get Q400 by first update and can see how next prop's models will work in the obj8.
A few words about the future work. We have a lot of models. Remodeling is a hard and time-consuming process. Sometimes have to begin like as first time. But if you are patient, we hope you will be satisfied -). Follow the news on our website and on the IVAO forum. Thanks!