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16.01.2018 - New obj8 models are released

We have a new release of the X-IvAp 0.4.0 for all OS. From now, we begin to step-by-step update the models in obj8 format. Run the X-CSL-Updater and get new models.

X-CSL-Package is not compatible with BlueBell from x-plane.org
Before update you must completely remove all BlueBell packages

The list of new models:
A320, A320w (sharklets), B733, B738, B738w (winglets), B77L, B77W, B744, B744F, C172, C182, C208, DH8D, and FollowMe Car.
We have prepared a small gift for our users. A long-awaited Airbus A350-900 (ICAO: A359) in X-CSL.

For download new obj8 models, you need to change the server settings in X-CSL-Updater:

new obj8 server

Fully finished obj8-models marked with prefix [obj8] in the 'Info' field:

new obj8 prefix

When other model(s) are ready, we will inform on this site and on the IVAO forum. If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback don't hesitate to write to us through the feedback form (here).

Have a nice flights!