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All models in library are created by X-AiR Team, or taken from open sources, or use with author's permission. We don't guarantee correct authorship of models (except for models was sent by author). The library is free, develops by X-AiR Team and supports by X-Plane users.
We accept offers to inclusion your model(s) in the X-CSL library. Contact to us by "Contact"


List of airlines and aircraft images is provided by IVAO MTL

AAFWLAAFWLAigle Azur (sharklets) (AAF)
AAYWLAAYWLAllegiant Air (sharklets) (AAY)
ABBWLABBWLAirBilbao Virtual (winglets) (ABB)
ABQWL2ABQWL2AirBlue (winglets) (ABQ)
ABTWLABTWLAirTaxi VA (sharklets) (ABT)
ABYWLABYWLAir Arabia (Sharklets) (ABY)
ABYWL2ABYWL2Air Arabia (winglets) (ABY)
ACLWLACLWLAercaribe Aerolina del Caribe (sharklets) (ACL)
AEEWLAEEWLAegean Airlines (winglets) (AEE)
AEEWL2AEEWL2Aegean Airlines (winglets) (NEO) (AEE)
AFLWLAFLWLAeroflot (Sharklets) (AFL)
AFLWL2AFLWL2Aeroflot (winglets) (AFL)
AFRWLAFRWLAir France (Sharklets) (AFR)
AFRWL2AFRWL2Air France (80 Years) (Sharklets) (AFR)
AIBWLAIBWLAirbus Industry (Sharklets) (AIB)
AICWLAICWLAir India (sharklets) (AIC)
AIJWLAIJWLInterjet (sharklets) (AIJ)
AIJWL2AIJWL2Interjet (100 years) (sharklets) (AIJ)
AIQWLAIQWLThai Air Asia (NC) (blank engine) (sharklets) (AIQ)
AIQWL2AIQWL2Thai Air Asia (NC) (Etops) (sharklets) (AIQ)
AIQWL3AIQWL3Thai Air Asia (NC) (sharklets) (AIQ)
AIQWL4AIQWL4Thai Air Asia (sharklets) (AIQ)
AIQWL5AIQWL5Thai Air Asia (responsibly) (sharklets) (AIQ)
AIQWL6AIQWL6Thai Air Asia (sustainable) (sharklets) (AIQ)
AKDWLAKDWLAkdeniz Airlines VA (sharklets) (AKD)
AKVWLAKVWLAeroSky VA (sharklets) (AKV)
AMUWLAMUWLAir Macau (sharklets) (AMU)
ANKWLANKWLAnka Airlines VA (sharklets) (ANK)
ANZWLANZWLAir New Zealand (Sharklets) (ANZ)
APGWLAPGWLPhilippines AirAsia (sharklets) (APG)
APGWL2APGWL2Philippines AirAsia (engine logo) (sharklets) (APG)
APGWL3APGWL3Philippines AirAsia (no webtitles) (sharklets) (APG)
ARCWLARCWLArcade Air Provence VA (winglets) (ARC)
ASAWLASAWLAlaska Airlines (sharklets) (ASA)
AUAWLAUAWLAustrian Airlines (sharklets) (AUA)
AVAWLAVAWLAvianca (Sharklets) (AVA)
AVAWL2AVAWL2Avianca (Star Alliance) (Sharklets) (AVA)
AWLWLAWLWLAir Westland VA (sharklets) (AWL)
AWQWLAWQWLIndonesia AirAsia (sharklets) (AWQ)
AXMWLAXMWLAirAsia (sharklets) (AXM)
AXMWL2AXMWL2AirAsia (ETOPS) (sharklets) (AXM)
AZUWLAZUWLAzul Linhas Aereas (neo) (sharklets) (AZU)
BAVWLBAVWLBamboo Airways (sharklets) (BAV)
BAWWLBAWWLBritish Airways BAW (winglets) (BAW)
BERWLBERWLAir Berlin (sharklets) (BER)
BSOWLBSOWLBom Sucesso VA (sharklets) (BSO)
BTKWLBTKWLBatik Air (Sharklets) (BTK)
CAGWLCAGWLContrail Air VA (sharklets) (CAG)
CBGWLCBGWLGX Airlines (sharklets) (CBG)
CBGWL2CBGWL2GX Airlines (Green City) (sharklets) (CBG)
CBGWL3CBGWL3GX Airlines (Transformers) (sharklets) (CBG)
CBJWLCBJWLBeijing Capital Airlines (winglets) (CBJ)
CBJWL2CBJWL2Beijing Capital Airlines (sharklets) (CBJ)
CBJWL3CBJWL3Beijing Capital Airlines (Peninsula) (sharklets) (CBJ)
CBJWL4CBJWL4Beijing Capital Airlines (Caissa) (sharklets) (CBJ)
CBWWLCBWWLCaribbean Wings VA (sharklets) (CBW)
CCAWLCCAWLAir China (sharklets) (CCA)
CCAWL2CCAWL2Air China (IAE engines) (winglets) (CCA)
CDCWL2CDCWL2Loong Air - Hualong (winglets) (CDC)
CEBWLCEBWLCebu Air (Sharklets) (CEB)
CEBWL2CEBWL2Cebu Air (NC) (sharklets) (CEB)
CESWLCESWLChina Eastern (CFM) (Sharklets) (CES)
CESWL2CESWL2China Eastern (IAE) (Sharklets) (CES)
CGHWLCGHWLAir Guilin (cfm sharklets) (CGH)
CGHWL2CGHWL2Air Guilin (iae sharklets) (CGH)
CHBWLCHBWLChina West Air (IAE engine) (sharklets) (CHB)
CHBWL2CHBWL2China West Air (CFM engine) (sharklets) (CHB)
CHBWL3CHBWL3China West Air (UFLY) (sharklets) (CHB)
CHBWL4CHBWL4China West Air (Happy) (sharklets) (CHB)
CLVWLCLVWLClimb VA (sharklets) (CLV)
COJWLCOJWLColjet VA (winglets) (COJ)
CQHWLCQHWLSpring Airlines (Sharklets) (CQH)
CRKWLCRKWLHong Kong Airlines (winglets) (CRK)
CSCWLCSCWLSichuan Airlines (winglets) (CSC)
CSNWLCSNWLChina Southern Airlines (sharklets) (CSN)
CSZWLCSZWLShenzhen Airlines (sharklets) (CSZ)
CTOWLCTOWLAir Catalonia VA (winglets) (CTO)
CTVWLCTVWLCitilink Garuda Indonesia (Sharklets) (CTV)
DFLWLDFLWLDutchFly VA (winglets) (DFL)
DKHWLDKHWLJuneyao Airlines (sharklets) (DKH)
DLHWLDLHWLLufthansa (Sharklets) (DLH)
DLHWL2DLHWL2Lufthansa (1st A320neo) (Sharklets) (DLH)
DLHWL3DLHWL3Lufthansa (nc) (sharklets) (DLH)
DLHWL4DLHWL4Lufthansa (webtitles) (sharklets) (DLH)
DLHWL5DLHWL5Lufthansa (5 Starhansa) (sharklets) (DLH)
DSYWLDSYWLDream Sky VA (winglets) (DSY)
EASWLEASWLEuropean Airwings (sharklets) (EAS)
EJUWLEJUWLEasyjet Europe (OC) (sharklet) (EJU)
EJUWL2EJUWL2Easyjet Europe (NC) (sharklet) (EJU)
EJUWL3EJUWL3Easyjet Europe (20 years) (sharklets) (EJU)
EJUWL4EJUWL4Easyjet Europe (250th) (sharklets) (EJU)
EJUWL5EJUWL5Easyjet Europe (Europcar) (sharklets) (EJU)
EJUWL6EJUWL6Easyjet Europe (Austria) (sharklets) (EJU)
EJUWL7EJUWL7Easyjet Europe (Berlin) (sharklets) (EJU)
EJUWL8EJUWL8Easyjet Europe (Bordeaux) (sharklets) (EJU)
EJUWL9EJUWL9Easyjet Europe (Nantes) (sharklets) (EJU)
ERNWLERNWLErnest (sharklets) (ERN)
ETDWLETDWLEtihad Airways (Sharklets) (ETD)
ETDWL2ETDWL2Etihad Airways (winglets) (tail mosaic) (ETD)
EVEWLEVEWLEvelop (winglets) (EVE)
EWEWLEWEWLEurowings Europe (Sharklets) (EWE)
EWEWL2EWEWL2Eurowings Europe (Holidays - sharklets) (EWE)
EWGWLEWGWLEurowings (Sharklets) (EWG)
EWGWL2EWGWL2Eurowings (Boomerang) (Sharklets) (EWG)
EWGWL3EWGWL3Eurowings (Goeteborg) (Sharklets) (EWG)
EWGWL4EWGWL4Eurowings (BVB Mannschaft) (Sharklets) (EWG)
EWGWL5EWGWL5Eurowings (Avis - skarklets) (EWG)
EWGWL6EWGWL6Eurowings (Kvarner) (sharklets) (EWG)
EXOWLEXOWLExotic Air VA (sharklets) (EXO)
EZSWLEZSWLEasyJet Switzerland (OC) (sharklets) (EZS)
EZSWL2EZSWL2EasyJet Switzerland (sharklets) (EZS)
EZYWLEZYWLEasyjet (OC) (Sharklets) (EZY)
EZYWL2EZYWL2Easyjet (NC) (sharklets) (EZY)
EZYWL3EZYWL3Easyjet (250th Airbus) (sharklets) (EZY)
EZYWL4EZYWL4Easyjet (Barcelona) (sharklets) (EZY)
EZYWL5EZYWL5Easyjet (Europcar) (sharklets) (EZY)
FADWLFADWLFlyadeal (sharklets) (FAD)
FBZWLFBZWLFlybondi VA (sharklets) (FBZ)
FFTWLFFTWLFrontier Airlines (bear) (FFT)
FFTWL0FFTWL0Frontier Airlines (shark) (sharklets) (FFT)
FFTWL2FFTWL2Frontier Airlines (red bird) (FFT)
FFTWL3FFTWL3Frontier Airlines (fox) (FFT)
FFTWL4FFTWL4Frontier Airlines (bluebird) (sharklets) (FFT)
FFTWL5FFTWL5Frontier Airlines (squirrel) (FFT)
FFTWL6FFTWL6Frontier Airlines (buck) (sharklets) (FFT)
FFTWL7FFTWL7Frontier Airlines (otter) (sharklets) (FFT)
FFTWL8FFTWL8Frontier Airlines (marmot) (sharklets) (FFT)
FFTWL9FFTWL9Frontier Airlines (manatee) (sharklets) (FFT)
FHYWLFHYWLFreebird Airlines (winglets) (FHY)
FLBWLFLBWLFly Brazil (Simpsons) (winglets) (FLB)
FNXWLFNXWLFenix VA (winglets) (FNX)
FUNWLFUNWLFunFlyers VA (winglets) (FUN)
GCRWLGCRWLTianjin Airlines (CFM engine) (sharklets) (GCR)
GCRWL2GCRWL2Tianjin Airlines (IAE engine) (sharklets) (GCR)
GCRWL3GCRWL3Tianjin Airlines (Haitao) (sharklets) (GCR)
GOWWLGOWWLGoAir (sharklets) (GOW)
GVTWLGVTWLAir Gaviota VA (sharklets) (GVT)
HAYWLHAYWLHamburg Airways (Blue White D-AHHF) (winglets) (HAY)
HBEWLHBEWLHeronBlue (winglets) (HBE)
HCBWLHCBWLHome Cockpits Brasil VA (sharklets) (HCB)
HCBWL2HCBWL2Home Cockpits Brasil VA (One Dream Brasil) (HCB)
HIMWLHIMWLHimalaya Airlines (sharklets) (HIM)
HIMWL2HIMWL2Himalaya Airlines (OC) (sharklets) (HIM)
HIMWL3HIMWL3Himalaya Airlines (green tail) (winglets) (HIM)
HKEWLHKEWLHK Express (winglets) (purple city) (HKE)
HXAWLHXAWLChina Express Airlines (sharklets) (HXA)
IADWLIADWLAirAsia India (sharklets) (IAD)
IADWL2IADWL2AirAsia India (OC) (sharklets) (IAD)
IBEWLIBEWLIberia (sharklets) (IBE)
IBSWLIBSWLIberia Express (sharklets) (IBS)
IBSWL2IBSWL2Iberia Express (Pull & Bear) (sharklets) (IBS)
IGOWLIGOWLIndiGo (Sharklets) (IGO)
ITFWLITFWLAir Inter (sharklets) (ITF)
IZGWLIZGWLZagros Air (CFM - Sharklets) (IZG)
JBUWLJBUWLJetblue Airways (Blueberries) (Sharklets) (JBU)
JBUWL2JBUWL2Jetblue Airways (Barcode) (Sharklets) (JBU)
JBUWL3JBUWL3Jetblue Airways (Connected) (Sharklets) (JBU)
JBUWL4JBUWL4Jetblue Airways (for good) (sharklets) (JBU)
JCCWLJCCWLJC International Airlines (Sharklets) (JCC)
JESWLJESWLJetSMART Argentina (LV-IVO) (sharklets) (JES)
JESWL2JESWL2JetSMART Argentina (LV-HEK) (sharklets) (JES)
JESWL3JESWL3JetSMART Argentina (LV-HVT) (sharklets) (JES)
JJPWLJJPWLJetstar Japan (Sharklets) (JJP)
JSTWLJSTWLJetstar (winglets) (JST)
JSTWL2JSTWL2Jetstar (winglets) (JST)
JWSWLJWSWLJAYWest (winglets) (JWS)
KACWLKACWLKuwait Airways (winglets) (KAC)
KHVWLKHVWLCambodia Angkor Air (sharklets) (KHV)
KKWWLKKWWLKKW Compagnie VA (sharklets) (KKW)
KMYWLKMYWLKMP Airlines (winglets) (KMY)
KNEWLKNEWLNas Air (winglets) (KNE)
KZRWLKZRWLAir Astana (sharklets) (KZR)
KZRWL2KZRWL2FlyArystan (sharklets) (KZR)
LANWLLANWLLATAM Airlines Chile (LAN cs winglets) (LAN)
LANWL2LANWL2LATAM Airlines Chile (sharklets) (LAN)
LKEWLLKEWLLucky Air (Stamp) (sharklets) (LKE)
LTKWLLTKWLLatin Skies (winglets) (LTK)
MACWLMACWLAir Arabia Maroc (sharklets) (MAC)
MEAWLMEAWLMiddle East Airlines (sharklets) (MEA)
MEAWL2MEAWL2Middle East Airlines (Skyteam) (sharklets) (MEA)
MLNWLMLNWLMilan Airways VA (Sharklets) (MLN)
MONWLMONWLMonarch (Sharklets) (MON)
MUCWLMUCWLMuenchen Airways VA (sharklets) (MUC)
MXAWL2MXAWL2Mexicana (winglets) (MXA)
NBVWLNBVWLAir Nubeiro (winglets) (NBV)
NKSWLNKSWLSpirit Airlines (yellow) (sharklets) (NKS)
OAHWLOAHWLOlympic Airlines VA (winglets) (OAH)
ONEWLONEWLAvianca Brasil (oc) (sharklets) (ONE)
ONEWL2ONEWL2Avianca Brasil (sharklets) (ONE)
ONEWL3ONEWL3Avianca Brasil (Monica) (sharklets) (ONE)
ONEWL4ONEWL4Avianca Brasil (Star Alliance) (sharklets) (ONE)
OTCWLOTCWLAir Travel Hongtu (sharklets) (OTC)
PGTWLPGTWLPegasus (winglets) (PGT)
PICWLPICWLJetstar Pacific Airlines (sharklets) (PIC)
PKZWLPKZWLPrime Aviation (M-YBUS) (sharklets) (PKZ)
QAFWLQAFWLQatar Amiri Flight (VIP colours) (sharklets) (QAF)
QDAWLQDAWLQingdao Airlines (sharklets) (QDA)
QTRWLQTRWLQatar Airways (Sharklets) (QTR)
QTRWL2QTRWL2Al Maha Airways (opb Qatar) (sharklets) (QTR)
RAMWLRAMWLRoyal Air Maroc (sharklets) (RAM)
RBAWL2RBAWL2Royal Brunei Airlines (winglets) (RBA)
RNAWLRNAWLNepal Airlines (winglets) (RNA)
RVXWLRVXWLReivax Air VA (winglets) (RVX)
SBIWLSBIWLS7 Airlines (sharklets) (SBI)
SFJWLSFJWLStarFlyer (Sharklets) (SFJ)
SFVWLSFVWLSkylAir VA (sharklets) (SFV)
SGQWLSGQWLSaudiGulf Airlines (sharklets) (SGQ)
SHUWLSHUWLAurora VA (sharklets) (SHU)
SKAWLSKAWLSkyAlliance VA (sharklets) (SKA)
SVAWLSVAWLSaudi Arabian Airlines (sharklets) (SVA)
SVAWL2SVAWL2Saudia (Al-Ahsa Desert) (sharklets) (SVA)
SVAWL3SVAWL3Saudia (SkyTeam) (sharklets) (SVA)
SWIWLSWIWLSunwings Express VA (Sharklets) (SWI)
SWRWLSWRWLSwiss International Airlines (Sharklets) (SWR)
SXEWLSXEWLSachsen Express VA (winglets) (SXE)
TA1WLTA1WLAirTaxi VA (winglets) (TA1)
TAMWLTAMWLLATAM Brasil (sharklets) (TAM)
TAMWL2TAMWL2TAM Linhas Aereas (sharklets) (TAM)
TAMWL3TAMWL3LATAM Brasil (primeiro A320neo) (TAM)
TAPWLTAPWLTAP - Air Portugal (sharklets) (TAP)
TAPWL2TAPWL2TAP - Air Portugal (SA) (sharklets) (TAP)
TBAWLTBAWLTibet Airlines (sharlets) (TBA)
TGGWLTGGWLTigerair Australia (sharklets) (TGG)
TGWWLTGWWLScoot Tigerair Pte Ltd (sharklets) (TGW)
TGWWL2TGWWL2Scoot Tigerair (hybrid) (sharklets) (TGW)
THDWLTHDWLThai Smile (sharklets) (THD)
THDWL2THDWL2Thai Smile (Cartoon Network) (sharklets) (THD)
THRWLTHRWLThor Airlines VA (winglets) (THR)
THYWLTHYWLTurkish Airlines (StarAlliance) (sharklets) (THY)
TSCWLTSCWLAir Transat (sharklets) (TSC)
TTWWLTTWWLTigerair Taiwan (winglets) (TTW)
TVJWLTVJWLThaiVietjetAir (Sharklets) (TVJ)
TVJWL2TVJWL2ThaiVietjetAir (Amazing Thailand) (Sharklets) (TVJ)
UEAWLUEAWLChengdu Airlines (sharklets) (UEA)
UKVWLUKVWLFly UK VA (winglets) (UKV)
VGAWLVGAWLGerman Airlines VA (sharklets) (VGA)
VIVWLVIVWLViva Aerobus (sharklets) (VIV)
VIVWL2VIVWL2Viva Aerobus (oc) (sharklets) (VIV)
VJCWLVJCWLVietJet Air (sharklets) (VJC)
VJCWL2VJCWL2VietJet Air (Minions) (sharklets) (VJC)
VJCWL3VJCWL3VietJet Air (Vietcombank) (sharklets) (VJC)
VJCWL4VJCWL4VietJet Air (HDBank) (sharklets) (VJC)
VJCWL5VJCWL5VietJet Air (MB Bank) (sharklets) (VJC)
VJCWL6VJCWL6VietJet Air (Lotteria) (sharklets) (VJC)
VJCWL7VJCWL7VietJet Air (BIDV Bank) (sharklets) (VJC)
VJCWL8VJCWL8VietJet Air (Vietnam charm) (sharklets) (VJC)
VLGWLVLGWLVueling (CFM engine) (sharklets) (VLG)
VLGWL2VLGWL2Vueling (IAE engine) (sharklets) (VLG)
VLGWL3VLGWL3Vueling (Pepsi Max) (sharklets) (VLG)
VNLWLVNLWLVanilla Air (Sharklets) (VNL)
VOCWLVOCWLVolaris Costa Rica (sharklets) (VOC)
VOCWL2VOCWL2Volaris Costa Rica (cielito limpio) (VOC)
VOIWLVOIWLVolaris (Sharklets) (VOI)
VOIWL2VOIWL2Volaris (Itzali) (sharklets) (VOI)
VOIWL3VOIWL3Volaris (new colours - Neo) (VOI)
VOIWL4VOIWL4Volaris (Berenece - Neo) (VOI)
VRDWLVRDWLVirgin America (Sharklets) (VRD)
VREWLVREWLAir Cote d'Ivoire (sharklets) (VRE)
VTAWLVTAWLAir Tahiti VA (sharklets) (VTA)
VTIWLVTIWLVistara Airlines (sharklets) (VTI)
WAJWLWAJWLAirAsia Japan (Sharklets) (WAJ)
WANWLWANWLWataniya Airways (sharklets) (WAN)
WEBWLWEBWLWebjet Linhas Aereas VA (sharklets) (WEB)
WUKWLWUKWLWizz Air UK (sharklets) (WUK)
WZZWLWZZWLWizz Air (OC) (Sharklets) (WZZ)
WZZWL2WZZWL2Wizz Air (NC) (Sharklets) (WZZ)
WZZWL3WZZWL3Wizz Air (Sharklets) (WZZ)
XSNWLXSNWLAir Spain VA (sharklets) (XSN)
ZZZWLZZZWLIVAO 20th Anniversary (sharklets)