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All models in library are created by X-AiR Team, or taken from open sources, or use with author's permission. We don't guarantee correct authorship of models (except for models was sent by author). The library is free, develops by X-AiR Team and supports by X-Plane users.


List of airlines and aircraft images is provided by IVAO MTL

@ULWL@ULWLUS Air Force (winglets) (@UL)
AALWLAALWLAmerican Airlines (winglets) (AAL)
AALWL2AALWL2American Airlines (New Colours) (winglets) (AAL)
AALWL3AALWL3American Airlines (Oneworld) (winglets) (AAL)
AAYWLAAYWLAllegiant Air (winglets) (AAY)
ABGWLABGWLRoyal Flight (winglets) (ABG)
AVIWLAVIWLL'Avion (winglets) (AVI)
AWEWLAWEWLUS Airways (winglets) (AWE)
BDAWLBDAWLBlue Dart Aviation (winglets) (BDA)
BOEWLBOEWLBoeing Commercial Group (BOE)
BOSWLBOSWLOpenSkies (winglets) (BOS)
BTIWLBTIWLAir Baltic (winglets) (BTI)
CAGWLCAGWLContrail Air VA (winglets) (CAG)
CJTWLCJTWLCargojet (winglets) (CJT)
COAWLCOAWLContinental Airlines (winglets) (COA)
CRZWLCRZWLCruzeiro do Sul VA (winglets) (CRZ)
DALWLDALWLDelta Airlines (winglets) (DAL)
DALWL2DALWL2Delta Airlines (Skyteam) (winglets) (DAL)
DFLWLDFLWLDutchFly VA (winglets) (DFL)
DHKWLDHKWLDHL Air Ltd (winglets) (DHK)
DJTWLDJTWLDREAMJET (La Compagnie) (winglets) (DJT)
EINWLEINWLAer Lingus (winglets) (EIN)
EUCWLEUCWLEuropeSky VA Aircargo (winglets) (EUC)
EXSWLEXSWLJet2.com (winglets) (EXS)
EXSWL2EXSWL2Jet2.com (Holidays) (winglets) (EXS)
FAMWLFAMWLMexican Air Force (winglets) (FAM)
HISWL2HISWL2Hispania Airways VA (winglets) (HIS)
ICEWLICEWLIcelandair (winglets) (ICE)
ICEWL2ICEWL2Icelandair (Vatnajokull) (winglets) (ICE)
ICEWL3ICEWL3Icelandair (Aurora) (winglets) (ICE)
ICEWL4ICEWL4Icelandair (National Geographic) (winglets) (ICE)
ICEWL5ICEWL5Icelandair (winglets) (ICE)
KMYWLKMYWLKMP Airlines (winglets) (KMY)
KTKWLKTKWLAzur Air (PW) (winglets) (KTK)
KZRWLKZRWLAir Astana (winglets) (KZR)
MEGWLMEGWLMega Maldives (winglets) (MEG)
MGEWLMGEWLAsia Pacific Airlines (winglets) (MGE)
NCRWLNCRWLNational Air Cargo Group (winglets) (NCR)
NWAWLNWAWLNorthwest Airlines (winglets) (NWA)
PWVWLPWVWLPannonwings VA (winglets) (PWV)
RGNWLRGNWLCygnus Air (Swiftair hybrid) (winglets) (RGN)
SWIWLSWIWLSunwings Express VA (winglets) (SWI)
TCVWLTCVWLCabo Verde Airlines (NC) (winglets) (TCV)
TOMWLTOMWLTUI Airways (blank engines) (winglets) (TOM)
TOMWL2TOMWL2TUI Airways (winglets) (TOM)
TOMWL3TOMWL3TUI Airways (opf TCS World Travel) (winglets) (TOM)
TUPWLTUPWLAviastar-TU (cargo) (winglets) (TUP)
UALWLUALWLUnited Airlines (PW) (winglets) (UAL)
UALWL2UALWL2United Airlines (RR) (winglets) (UAL)
UALWL3UALWL3United Airlines (Star Alliance) (winglets) (UAL)
UALWL4UALWL4United Airlines (NC) (California) (winglets) (UAL)
UALWL5UALWL5United Airlines (NC) (New York) (winglets) (UAL)
UKVWLUKVWLFly UK VA (winglets) (UKV)
ULAWLULAWLZuliana de Aviaci