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All models in library are created by X-AiR Team, or taken from open sources, or use with author's permission. We don't guarantee correct authorship of models (except for models was sent by author). The library is free, develops by X-AiR Team and supports by X-Plane users.
We accept offers to inclusion your model(s) in the X-CSL library. Contact to us by "Contact"


List of airlines and aircraft images is provided by IVAO MTL

ACASACASAir Canada (scimitars) (ACA)
AMXSAMXSAeromexico (scimitars) (AMX)
AMXS2AMXS2Aeromexico (Samsung Galaxy) (scimitars) (AMX)
AMXS3AMXS3Aeromexico (Club Premier) (scimitars) (AMX)
AMXS4AMXS4Aeromexico (1000000 fans) (AMX)
AMXS5AMXS5Aeromexico (Club Premier) (scimitars) (AMX)
AMXS6AMXS6Aeromexico (Samsung Galaxy) (scimitars) (AMX)
ARGSARGSAerolineas Argentinas (scimitars) (ARG)
ASA5SASA5SAlaska Airlines (Sub Pop) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASASASASAlaska Airlines (NC) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS2ASAS2Alaska Airlines (Seattle Mariners) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS3ASAS3Alaska Airlines (Incredibles 2) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS4ASAS4Alaska Airlines (OC Lei) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS5ASAS5Alaska Airlines (Sub Pop) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS6ASAS6Alaska Airlines (Dreamliner) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS7ASAS7Alaska Airlines (Salmon) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS8ASAS8Alaska Airlines (Cars) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASAS9ASAS9Alaska Airlines (Islands) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASA2SASA2SAlaska Airlines (Seattle Mariners) (scimitars) (ASA)
ASA3SASA3SAlaska Airlines (Incredibles 2) (scimitars) (ASA)
AXESAXESAir Explore (scimitars) (AXE)
BLXSBLXSTUIfly Nordic (OC) (scimitars) (BLX)
BLXS2BLXS2TUIfly Nordic (NC) (scimitars) (BLX)
BOESBOESBoeing (Default aircraft) (scimitars) (BOE)
BSKSBSKSMiami Air International (NC) (scimitars) (BSK)
CAISCAISCorendon Airlines (nc) (scimitars) (CAI)
CAWSCAWSKulula (scimitars) (CAW)
CMPSCMPSCopa Airlines (scimitars) (CMP)
CMPS2CMPS2Copa Airlines (100th) (scimitars) (CMP)
CMPS3CMPS3Copa Airlines (Connect) (scimitars) (CMP)
CMPS4CMPS4Copa Airlines (SPFC) (scimitars) (CMP)
ENTSENTSEnter Air (scimitars) (ENT)
FLSSFLSSAeroFarallones VA (FLS)
FPOSFPOSASL Airlines France (scimitars) (FPO)
GLOSGLOSGOL - Transportes Aereos (oc) (scimitars) (GLO)
ICESICESIcelandair (scimitars) (ICE)
JAFSJAFSTUI Airlines Belgium (scimitars)(JAF)
JAFS2JAFS2TUI Airlines Belgium (Family Life) (scimitars) (JAF)
KKKSKKKSAtlasGlobal (scimitars) (KKK)
LGLSLGLSLuxair (scimitars) (LGL)
LOTSLOTSLOT Polish Airlines (NewGen SP-LWE) (scimitars) (LOT)
NOSSNOSSNeos (Radio Italia) (simitars) (NOS)
PBDSPBDSPobeda (scimitars) (PBD)
SCXSSCXSSun Country Airlines (scimitars) (SCX)
SQPSSQPSSkyUp Airlines (scimitars) (SQP)
SWASSWASSouthwest (scimitars) (SWA)
SWAS2SWAS2Southwest (Warrior One) (SWA)
SWAS3SWAS3Southwest (NC) (scimitars) (SWA)
SWAS4SWAS4Southwest (NC) (Heart One) (SWA)
SWGSSWGSSunwing Airlines (new colors) (Scimitars) (SWG)
SWGS2SWGS2Sunwing Airlines (old) (scimitars) (SWG)
SXSSSXSSSunExpress (scimitars) (SXS)
SXSS2SXSS2SunExpress (Minions) (scimitars) (SXS)
SXSS3SXSS3SunExpress (Playstation) (scimitars) (SXS)
SYLSSYLSYakutia Air (scimitars) (SYL)
TFLSTFLSTUI Airlines Netherlands (scimitars) (TFL)
TFLS2TFLS2TUI Airlines Netherlands (swg hybrid new) (TFL)
TFLS3TFLS3TUI Airlines Netherlands (swg hybrid old) (TFL)
TFLS4TFLS4TUI Airlines Netherlands (Family Life) (TFL)
THRTHRThor Airlines VA (THR)
TOMSTOMSTUI Airways (scimitars) (TOM)
TOMS2TOMS2TUI Airways (blank engine) (scimitars) (TOM)
TOMS3TOMS3TUI Airways (white scimitars) (TOM)
TOMS4TOMS4TUI Airways (Family Life) (scimitars) (TOM)
TRASTRASTransavia (NC) (scimitars) (TRA)
TSCSTSCSAir Transat (scimitars) (TSC)
TUISTUISTUIfly (scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS0TUIS0TUIfly (Robinson) (Scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS1TUIS1TUIfly (no noselogo grey scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS2TUIS2TUIfly (yellow) (Scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS3TUIS3TUIfly (RIU) (scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS4TUIS4TUIfly (logoless scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS5TUIS5TUIfly (Magic Life) (scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS6TUIS6TUIfly (Blue Hotels) (scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS7TUIS7TUIfly (old titles new design) (scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS8TUIS8TUIfly (Cewe Fotobuch) (scimitars) (TUI)
TUIS9TUIS9TUIfly (old blue design) (scimitars) (TUI)
TVSTVSSmartwings (white engines) (TVS)
TVS2TVS2Smartwings (blue engines) (TVS)
TVSSTVSSSmartwings (Travel Service cs) (scimitars) (TVS)
UALSUALSUnited Airlines (scimitars) (UAL)
UALS2UALS2United Airlines (StarAlliance) (scimitars) (UAL)
UALS3UALS3United Airlines (NC) (scimitars) (UAL)
UALS4UALS4United Airlines (Star Wars) (scimitars) (UAL)
VGOSVGOSNewGen Airways (scimitars) (VGO)
VOZSVOZSVirgin Australia (scimitars) (VOZ)
VSVSVSVSSCAT Airlines (scimitars) (VSV)
WJASWJASWestjet (scimitars) (WJA)
WJAS2WJAS2Westjet (old logo) (scimitars) (WJA)
WJAS3WJAS3Westjet (Mickey Mouse) (scimitars) (WJA)
WSWSWSWSSwoop (scimitars) (WSW)