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14.12.2018 - New obj8-models. Last update in 2018.
B735, B735(w), B752, B752(w), B753, B753(w), B763, B763(w), B764, B788, F260

Just over a year ago, new pilot client X-Ivap 0.4.0 was released. For our team this was a big step forward. We got a way to new level of online-traffic in X-Plane - with 3D light, animation and the correct position on the ground. Throughout the year, our team continuously worked on new models in the OBJ8 format. There is still a lot of work and we will continue to do it with pleasure for all users! In the meantime, we are glad to present a last big update in this year. So, here is a new OBJ8 models:

SIAI-Marchetti SF-260
- Update B738 package