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Livery Submission Rules

  1. Livery submission for a virtual airline must be requested by the CEO or staff member of virtual airline.
  2. Livery can be submitted for an IVAO registered virtual airline only.
  3. Livery must be repaint based on an official paintkit of model. A list of paintkits is available here. (This is not an official pantkits for IVAO MTL)
    Note! X-CSL does not have all models, so first Contact us and pre-agree for which paintkit to use before repainting.
  4. Liveries which are based on other models are not accepted.
  5. In all circumstances, the X-CSL has the right to refuse a submitted livery.

Livery Requirement

  1. A virtual airline based on a real airline is not allow to submit liveries, except those of the real airline (under the real airline ICAO code and without virtual airline modifications).
  2. A virtual airline based on a real airline which is defunct for at least 5 years, can submit fictional liveries under the real airline with a maximum of 10 liveries.
  3. A virtual airline not based on a real airline is allowed to submit a maximum of 10 liveries.

Livery Submitting

  1. You should submit livery in format: 2048*2048 PNG. (if no available in paintkit, then 1024*1024 PNG)
  2. Livery must be delivered in a zip/rar file named like "B738KLM" or "A320AFL".
  3. Inside the zip/rar, the structure should look like this:
    • Folder named ICAO+AIRLINE, where ICAO is the code of the aircraft (B738, A320 etc.) and where AIRLINE is the code of the airline (KLM, AFL etc.), so B738KLM, A320AFL
    • Name the texture file according to the paintkit.
    • If the livery you are submitting has winglets or sharklets then, add "w" or “s” at the end of the ICAO of aircraft (B738wKLM, A320sAFL etc.)
  4. Once completed, write your email describing the livery, your email should contain:
    • The name of the model (A320) + any airplane specific data if needed e.g. engine variant (CFM, IAE etc.)
    • The name of the livery in case special livery (OneWorld special livery)
    • The name of the airline (KLM Royal Dutch Airlines)
    • The ICAO code of the airline (KLM)
    • Your name and email
    • The name and email of the painter
  5. Send the zipped livery to the X-CSL at

How to test your livery with ObjVeiw

  1. Get the the tool from here - ObjView. Unpack folder to Desktop. Use ObjView application according to your OS.
  2. Open folder of model for which you are repainting the livery (for example A359) under the CSL folder. Copy the model .obj (A359.obj) and your livery .png to Desktop.
  3. Open the .obj file in any text editor, edit TEXTURE value to the name of your livery file .png.
  4. Run ObjView. Drag and drop .obj and .png files to the application window. See your livery in 3D view. Mouse left, right or middle buttons - move and rotate model (other keys in README.ObjView).

Questions and Requests

  1. X-CSL team will NOT create repaints for you (you make the livery, and we add it to the X-CSL library).
  2. Do you have further questions? Feel free to Contact (p.s. Please, if possible don't use for communication Microsoft mail services (@hotmail.com @outlook.com, @live.com etc.).
  3. If you do not know how to repaint an aircraft, please do not ask us for how to do it, ask it on the IVAO forums and/or forums specifically designed for these kind of questions.
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