X-CSL Package | Multiplayer model library for X-Plane

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Welcome to X-CSL-Package!

This is the library of online traffic models for users of the X-Plane flight simulator who fly in IVAO network. To connect to IVAO network, used the multiplayer clients X-IvAp or Altitude. One of the main multiplayer's functions is show the models of aircrafts and helicopters in a wide variety of liveries of airlines. For MSFS (FSX, P3D) simulators this tasked are performed by the IVAO MTL Library. MTL has own Installer for easy download or update MTL's model library.

The X-CSL-Package was created for same tasks, but for the X-Plane. Library also has a large number of the most popular and frequently used types of aircrafts with large number of liveries for most airlines, both real and virtual. The library have a special  X-CSL-Updater for download and update model's packages. It works on Windows, MacOS, Linux. With X-CSL-Updater you will always have up-to-date database of models and liveries in your simulator. The library is compatible with X-Plane 9, 10, 11 for all OS. Models have modern functions for a more complete immersion in flight simulation: 3D lighting and animation.

The library is constantly updated for new models and liveries. For new virtual airlines, we get their liveries and add to the library upon request. Our site publishes news about all library changes. We provide technical support by feedback in the "Contact" section.

Detailed information about the library packages, see "Information". Download the X-CSL-Updater, description of the installation and update of the csl-models packs in the "Download" section.

The X-CSL library has always been, is and will be free. The project are supporting by X-CSL team and is not a commercial organization for profit. Our financial resources are spent on supporting the network infrastructure, maintaining a file archive, update servers and backup systems. We will be immensely grateful for any donate from users to continue to develop and support project. If you want to help, click "Donate" button at the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance for your help!