X-CSL Package | Multiplayer model library for X-Plane

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Attention! X-CSL-Package are compatible for X-IvAp 0.4.x and Altitude. Not compatible with other multiplayer clients.

How to use X-CSL-Updater:
1. Download zip-archive (dmg-image for MacOS) according of your OS.
2. Unpack folder to any place.
3. Run the program:
* for Windows-> Start X-CSL-Updater.exe;
* for Linux-> to start X-CSL-Updater (don't forget set permission to execute).
* for Mac-> Run X-CSL-Updater.dmg to run installation. Drag and drop X-CSL-Updater icon to Applications icon. Run X-CSL-Updater from your application's folder.
4. Press "Browse" and select location of the X-Plane executable - X-Plane.exe for Windows, X-Plane-x86_64 for Linux, X-Plane.app for MacOS.
5. Press "Index". Will be executed compare installed models and existing on our server.
6. When indexing is completed, in the "Status" column to each package will be indicated what a package need to update.
7. For update select a package (or select multiple packages by hold Ctrl-key or Command) and then press "Update".

How to install the full MTL-list for Altitude Pilot Client:
1. Download xmlList.zip below in additional resources
2. Copy xmlList.xml from archive to data folder where Altitude Pilot UI is installed (by default for standard installation location is sim\Resources\plugins\ivao_pilot\PilotUI)

Download list:
Additional resources:
  • MTL-list for Alitude Pilot Client
    MTL-list for Altitude allow to select all X-CSL + MTL models in PilotUI. Copy xmlList.xml from archive to sim/Resources/plugins/ivao_pilot/PilotUI/data
    p.s. While Altitude is in beta, should copy mtlList.xml to PilotUI for each times after new version is installed.

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