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All models in library are created by X-CSL, or taken from open sources, or use with author's permission. We don't guarantee correct authorship of models (except for models was sent by author). The library is free, develops by X-CSL and supports by X-Plane users.


List of airlines and aircraft images is provided by IVAO MTL

AALWLAALWLAmerican Airlines (winglets) (AAL)
AALWL2AALWL2American Airlines (Oneworld) (winglets) (AAL)
ABBWLABBWLAirBilbao Virtual (winglets) (ABB)
AHYWLAHYWLAzerbaijan Airlines (winglets) (AHY)
AIZWLAIZWLArkia Israeli Airlines (winglets) (AIZ)
AMXWLAMXWLAeromexico (white - winglets) (AMX)
AMXWL2AMXWL2Aeromexico (silver - winglets) (AMX)
ANAWLANAWLAll Nippon Airways (winglets) (ANA)
AUAWL3AUAWL3Austrian Airlines (red engines - winglets) (AUA)
AUAWL4AUAWL4Austrian Airlines (myAustrian - winglets) (AUA)
AUAWLAUAWLAustrian Airlines (winglets) (AUA)
AUAWL2AUAWL2Austrian Airlines (Star Alliance) (winglets) (AUA)
AUIWLAUIWLUkraine International Airlines (winglets) (AUI)
AUIWL2AUIWL2Ukraine International Airlines (old colors) (winglets) (AUI)
AUZWLAUZWLAustralian Airlines VA (winglets) (AUZ)
AZGWLAZGWLSilkway West Airlines (winglets) (AZG)
BLXWLBLXWLTUIfly Nordic (winglets) (BLX)
BPAWLBPAWLBlue Panorama (winglets) (BPA)
CFGWLCFGWLCondor (PW - yellow) (winglets) (CFG)
CFGWL2CFGWL2Condor (GE - yellow) (winglets) (CFG)
CFGWL3CFGWL3Condor (Retro) (winglets) (CFG)
CFGWL4CFGWL4Condor (PW - blue) (winglets) (CFG)
CFGWL5CFGWL5Condor (GE - blue) (winglets) (CFG)
CJTWLCJTWLCargojet (winglets) (CJT)
CRZWLCRZWLCruzeiro do Sul VA (winglets) (CRZ)
CZWWLCZWWLCzech Wings (winglets) (CZW)
DALWLDALWLDelta Airlines (winglets - GE) (DAL)
DALWL2DALWL2Delta Airlines (winglets - PW ) (DAL)
DFLWLDFLWLDutchFly VA (winglets) (DFL)
DHKWLDHKWLDHL Air Ltd (winglets) (DHK)
EBAWLEBAWLEuroBerlin VA (winglets) (EBA)
ECNWLECNWLEconair VA (winglets) (ECN)
FRRWLFRRWLFresh Air (winglets) (FRR)
FWLWLFWLWLFlorida West (cargo) (winglets) (FWL)
GTIWLGTIWLAtlas Air (winglets) (GTI)
GTIWL2GTIWL2Atlas Air (Amazon Prime Air - winglets) (GTI)
HALWLHALWLHawaiian Airlines (winglets) (HAL)
ICEWLICEWLIcelandair (winglets) (ICE)
JAFWLJAFWLTUI Airlines Belgium (winglets) (JAF)
JALWLJALWLJapan Airlines (winglets) (JAL)
KTKWL2KTKWL2Azur Air (anex tour) (winglets) (KTK)
KZRWLKZRWLAir Astana (winglets) (KZR)
LAEWLLAEWLLATAM Cargo Colombia (winglets) (LAE)
LAEWL2LAEWL2LAN Cargo Colombia (winglets) (LAE)
LANWLLANWLLAN Chile (winglets - GE) (LAN)
LANWL2LANWL2LAN Chile (winglets - PW) (LAN)
LANWL3LANWL3LATAM Airlines Chile (winglets) (LAN)
LCOWLLCOWLLATAM Cargo Chile (winglets) (LCO)
MEVWLMEVWLMed-View Airlines (winglets) (MEV)
MGLWLMGLWLMongolian Airlines (winglets) (MGL)
MLNWLMLNWLMilan Airways VA (winglets) (MLN)
NOSWLNOSWLNeos (winglets) (NOS)
ROUWLROUWLAir Canada Rouge (winglets) (ROU)
SRRWLSRRWLStar Air (winglets) (SRR)
SULWLSULWLSul Cargo VA (winglets) (SUL)
TAMWLTAMWLTAM Linhas Aereas (winglets) (TAM)
TAMWL2TAMWL2LATAM Brasil (winglets) (TAM)
TBAWLTBAWLTransBrasil Virtual VA (winglets) (TBA)
TCXWLTCXWLThomas Cook Airlines (winglets) (TCX)
TFLWLTFLWLTUI Airlines Netherlands (winglets) (TFL)
TOMWLTOMWLTUI Airways (winglets) (TOM)
TUSWLTUSWLABSA Cargo (winglets) (TUS)
TUSWL2TUSWL2ABSA Cargo (LAN cargo paint) (winglets) (TUS)
TUSWL3TUSWL3TAM Cargo (winglets) (TUS)
TWSWLTWSWLTrue Wings VA (winglets) (TWS)
UALWLUALWLUnited Airlines (winglets) (UAL)
UKVWLUKVWLFly UK VA (winglets) (UKV)
UPSWLUPSWLUnited Parcel Service (winglets) (UPS)
WJAWLWJAWLWestjet (winglets) (WJA)
WOHWLWOHWLwoh|group VA (charterair) (winglets) (WOH)