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All models in library are created by X-AiR Team, or taken from open sources, or use with author's permission. We don't guarantee correct authorship of models (except for models was sent by author). The library is free, develops by X-AiR Team and supports by X-Plane users.
We accept offers to inclusion your model(s) in the X-CSL library. Contact to us by "Contact"


List of airlines and aircraft images is provided by IVAO MTL

AITWLAITWLAir Italia VA (winglets) (AIT)
AKDWLAKDWLAkdeniz Airlines VA (winglets) (AKD)
ANKWLANKWLAnka Airlines VA (winglets) (ANK)
ARPWLARPWLAeroplano Virtual VA (winglets) (ARP)
ASAWLASAWLAlaska Airlines (OC) (winglets) (ASA)
ASAWL2ASAWL2Alaska Airlines (revised) (winglets) (ASA)
ASAWL3ASAWL3Alaska Airlines (Disneyland) (winglets) (ASA)
AUIWLAUIWLUkraine International Airlines (winglets) (AUI)
BFYWLBFYWLButterfly Airlines VA (winglets) (BFY)
BOEWL2BOEWL2Boeing Commercial Group (winglets) (BOE)
BOEWLBOEWLBoeing (Default aircraft) (winglets) (BOE)
BSVWLBSVWLBlueSky VA (winglets) (BSV)
BTKWLBTKWLBatik Air (winglets) (BTK)
CKLWLCKLWLCaeli Airlines VA (winglets) (CKL)
COAWLCOAWLContinental Airlines (retro) (winglets) (COA)
DALWLDALWLDelta Air Lines (winglets) (DAL)
DALWL2DALWL2Delta Air Lines (belly logo) (winglets) (DAL)
ELYWLELYWLEl Al Israel Airlines (winglets) (ELY)
ESRWLESRWLEastar Jet (winglets) (ESR)
FRRWLFRRWLFresh Air (winglets) (FRR)
FUAWLFUAWLFutura International (winglets) (FUA)
HDUWLHDUWLHamdus VA (winglets) (HDU)
ISTWLISTWLIstanbul Airlines VA (winglets) (IST)
JAIWLJAIWLJet Airways (winglets) (JAI)
JGOWLJGOWLJet's Go VA (winglets) (JGO)
KALWLKALWLKorean Air (winglets) (KAL)
KARWLKARWLPegas Fly (winglets) (KAR)
KLMWLKLMWLKLM Royal Dutch Airlines (OC) (winglets) (KLM)
KLMWL2KLMWL2KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (Skyteam) (winglets) (KLM)
KLMWL3KLMWL3KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (NC) (winglets) (KLM)
KTKWLKTKWLAzur Air (winglets) (KTK)
KTKWL2KTKWL2Azur Air (hybrid) (winglets) (KTK)
KUGWLKUGWLGovernment of Kuwait (winglets) (KUG)
LNIWLLNIWLLion Air (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL2LNIWL2Lion Air (70th 737NG) (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL3LNIWL3Lion Air (60th 737NG) (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL4LNIWL4Lion Air (dreamliner) (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL5LNIWL5Lion Air (50th 739ER) (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL6LNIWL6Lion Air (LionParcel engine) (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL7LNIWL7Lion Air (100th Boeing NG) (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL8LNIWL8Lion Air (no engine logo) (winglets) (LNI)
LNIWL9LNIWL9Lion Air (LionParcel Logojet) (winglets) (LNI)
MXDWLMXDWLMalindo Air (winglets) (MXD)
MXDWL2MXDWL2Malindo Air (7500th boeing) (winglets) (MXD)
OKAWLOKAWLOkay Airways (winglets) (OKA)
OMAWLOMAWLOman Air (winglets) (OMA)
RTDWLRTDWLRostov Training Center VA (winglets) (RTD)
SEJWLSEJWLSpicejet (winglets) (SEJ)
SHYWLSHYWLSky Airlines (Alanya) (winglets) (SHY)
SHYWL2SHYWL2Sky Airlines (Kapadokya) (winglets) (SHY)
SJYWLSJYWLSriwijaya Air (OC Garuda sticker) (winglets) (SJY)
SJYWL2SJYWL2Sriwijaya Air (OC) (winglets) (SJY)
SMRWLSMRWLSomon Air (winglets) (SMR)
TEFWLTEFWLTerra Fly VA (winglets) (TEF)
THYWLTHYWLTurkish Airlines (winglets) (THY)
TLMWLTLMWLThai Lion Air (winglets) (TLM)
TVSWLTVSWLSmartwings (Travel Service cs) (winglets) (TVS)
UALWLUALWLUnited Airlines (winglets) (UAL)
UTNWLUTNWLAzur Air Ukraine (winglets) (UTN)
VAIWLVAIWLVai! Linhas Aireas Virtuais (winglets) (VAI)
VBDWLVBDWLVa Bird VA (winglets) (VBD)
WLWWLWLWWLWorldWings VA (winglets) (WLW)
XLAWLXLAWLXL Airways (winglets) (XLA)