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All models in library are created by X-AiR Team, or taken from open sources, or use with author's permission. We don't guarantee correct authorship of models (except for models was sent by author). The library is free, develops by X-AiR Team and supports by X-Plane users.
We accept offers to inclusion your model(s) in the X-CSL library. Contact to us by "Contact"


List of airlines and aircraft images is provided by IVAO MTL

@ID@IDIndonesian Air Force (Mk.53)
@ID2@ID2Indonesian Air Force (Mk.109)
@ID3@ID3Indonesian Air Force (Mk.209 green-brown)
@ID4@ID4Indonesian Air Force (Mk.209 grey)
@RB@RBRoyal Bahraini Air Force
@UN@UNUnited States Navy (Tigers)
@UN2@UN2United States Navy (NAS Kingsville)
ASY3ASY3Royal Australian Air Force (79th - 90yr) (ASY)
ASYASYRoyal Australian Air Force (76th sqn) (ASY)
ASY2ASY2Royal Australian Air Force (79th sqn) (ASY)
CFCCFCCanadian Forces (CFC)
FNFFNFFinnish Air Force (FNF)
IFCIFCIndian Air Force (IFC)
LMGLMGSouth African Air Force (LMG)
NVYNVYRoyal Navy (NVY)
NVY2NVY2Royal Navy (100yr tail) (NVY)
RFRRFRRoyal Air Force (208 SQN) (RFR)
RFR2RFR2Royal Air Force (ETPS) (RFR)
RFR3RFR3Royal Air Force (100 SQN Special) (RFR)
RFR4RFR4Royal Air Force (4 SQN) (RFR)
RFR5RFR5Royal Air Force (100 SQN) (RFR)
RFR6RFR6Royal Air Force (Aviation Medicine) (RFR)
RFR7RFR7Royal Air Force (ASTRA) (RFR)
RFRBA1RFRBA1BAE Hawk 128 Demonstrator (ZK010)
RFRBA2RFRBA2BAE Hawk 120 Demonstrator (ZJ951)
RFRDEMRFRDEMRoyal Air Force (Red Arrows) (RFR)
RFRDM2RFRDM2Royal Air Force ( Red Arrows 50) (RFR)
RMFRMFRoyal Malaysian Air Force (Mk. 108) (RMF)
RMF2RMF2Royal Malaysian Air Force (Mk. 208) (RMF)
RSFRSFRoyal Saudi Air Force (RSF)
RSFDEMRSFDEMRoyal Saudi Air Force (Saudi Hawks) (RSF)
UAFUAFUnited Emirates Air Force (Mk. 63) (UAF)
UAF2UAF2United Emirates Air Force (Mk. 102) (UAF)