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02.12.2014 - New X-CSL-Updater is released.
A new version of X-CSL-Updater v.1.1.0

We released a new version of the updater for our X-CSL-Package.
Summary of changes and some features in the new version:
- added new compare file algorithm based on md5 hashes;
- added cleanup functional (now, the updater able remove unused files and folders);
- added mtl.dat file into update list (need to new X-IvAp v.0.3.4);
- fixes for platform specified issues of install path logic;
- changed place of the x-csl-indexes.idx file for cleanup a x-ivap log from some error messages;
- some gui improvements;
- fixes some errors in calculation sizes logic;

Download a new X-CSL-Updater you can in section "Download". Please read the installation instructions.